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Guide You Can Use to Identify a Car That Has Been in an Accident

It is always advisable to be careful when you are purchasing a second-hand car especially from private sellers, the reason is some seller will exclude some information regarding the history of the car especially repairs and changed parts after an accident, they aim to make their car attractive and sell it to the highest bidder, so if you are not vigilant enough you will take home a lemon for a car. It is therefore imperative to learn some tricks that ensure you spot some telltale signs of a past accident, learning what to look for when buying a used car can save you a lot because you do not have to always hire a mechanic to do checkup for your every time you spot a used car that interest you. It is also worth noting that a car with clean service history is not an indicator of free accidents, therefore, here are a few things you need to consider to avoid an accident ridden used car.

The first thing you need to do is to assess the paint of the used car you are about to buy, paint can be a good indicator of a car that has been in an accident and was repainted if you get a used car with a shiny and polished paint you need to be careful about it, although not all used cars are repainted because of an accident it is always good to be extra careful, check door jambs, at the edges of the windows, on taillights and headlights, in these areas you are likely to get some over-spray, repainting a car cannot meet the factory painting standards and therefore you will find some over-spray mostly in these areas if you find a paint especially on door jambs that do not rhyme with car’s body perhaps it’s time you start asking questions or take a hike.

The other thing you can use to tell a car has been in an accident are replaced parts, it is common for car parts to be replaced because of wear and tears but there are some parts that car owners only change when a car has been in an accident, such parts include but not limited to bumpers, door and grills, see if they match with the rest of the car body and if you detect something weird ask questions and if you continue doubting the owner looking for a more reliable used car is the ideal solution.

You can know a used car that had been in an accident by evaluating the panel gaps, although gaps between the doors and the body can be contributed by wear and tears a car with an accident history is likely to have unusual gaps between panels and the car body, so be discreet when you spot such things otherwise you can take an unreliable used car home. Those are some pointers of a used car with an accident past a car owner fail to indicate in a car history information.

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